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My Training

I graduated from the Internship in Ignatian Spirituality at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House in 2003. I have been a supervisor for the program there since 2007, as well as a retreat director and companion for the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises since 2010. 


My Story


In 1999 my husband of 17 years died of cancer at the young age of 45.  I struggled with my faith for a few years, unable to understand why God didn't heal him.  That struggle, along with the Holy Spirit, led me into the Spiritual Direction program.  My time in study and prayer during these two years not only brought me healing, but also a new ministry.  While on retreat I encountered Christ in a new and life-changing way through a form of prayer I had never even heard of before --- movement prayer.  After completion of the spiritual direction program and months of prayer and discernment, I finally came to believe that God was calling me not only to minister as a spiritual director, but also to teach others an amazing way to pray.  On July 29, 2003, Prayer in Motion, LLC began in response to that call.  


How it Works 

I use prayer experiences which incorprate music, Scripture, and everyday movements to open people's hearts and make encountering Christ more possible.  The scriptural focus appeals to all Christian denominations; the movements are simple and repetitive to remove distraction and reinformce the message of the prayer.  Other prayer forms, such as journaling and guided reflection, are often included to enhance the experience, providing multiple means to encounter God. 

Movement prayer is not dance, but rather about what goes on inside of us.  Prayer sessions begin seated with eyes closed, using subtle gestures, which help people to experience the profound difference between listening to a song and praying with it using movement.  This progresses to standing and walking prayer; however options for those unable to walk or stand comfortably are always provided.  

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