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Retreats & Presentations

Whether in a retreat experience or presentation style offering, Janene combines her powerful testimony of God's presence in her life with a variety of prayer experiences to invite participants into God's presence.  Prayer experiences utilize music, Scripture, and everyday movements to open people's hearts and make encountering Christ more possible. 


The scriptural focus appeals to all Christian denominations; the movements are simple and repetitive to remove distraction and reinforce the message of the prayer.  Other prayer forms, such as journaling and guided reflection, are often included to enhance the experience, providing multiple means to encounter God. 


Customized themes are available or choose from among these popular themes:


  • Cultivate Joy - Discover a more joyful spirit, explore the joy that God has for you, and learn everyday practices for nurturing more joy in your life.  

  • Lessons from the Pandemic - Bring something positive and lasting from the challenges of the pandemic

  • Letting Go - Love your life as you increase trust and discover more peace and joy through surrender.   

  •  Martha-Mary Balance of Life - With Martha and Mary as your guides, clarify God's unique plan for your own life balance.

  • Nourishing Your Soul - Connect more deeply with God and become refreshed and renewed in body and spirit.

  • Remain in Me - Draw closer and be with Jesus through undistracted prayer and reflection on John 15:4.

  • Say "Yes" to Change - Experience peace as you walk with Jesus through your life changes, past and present.  

  • Spiritual Health for Today - Gain tools to enhance your spiritual well-being.

  • Seasonal Themes - Deepen your love for Jesus using seasonally appropriate Scripture, music, and reflections. 
    Lenten themes include Draw Near and Remain in Me; Advent themes include Keeping Christ in Christmas, Advent Waiting, Prepare the Way and Gifts of the Season.  

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