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Letting Go - Loving the Life
You Have Right Now

October 28, 2023

Saturday 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
St. Francis Retreat Center, DeWitt MI

Life is often not comfortable, predictable, or controllable, try though we might to make it that way.  Things don't go as we plan; people don't act as we think they should.  Yet God calls us to trust and to enjoy our lives on earth.  Easier said than done.  


We are told that God works all things for our good but that is often hard to see in the midst of our day.  Join us to discover the spiritual, emotional, physical, and practical aspects of your life which God may be inviting you to surrender.  


Learn everyday practices to live in this challenging world while increasing your trust, peace, and joy so you can truly love the life you have today.


Cost for the day, which includes lunch and program materials, is $60.  Please register by October 20 - online or by phone with credit card or by mail as noted below.    

St. Francis Retreat Center
703 E. Main St.

DeWitt, MI 48820
Phone:  517-669-8321

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